Dance Calendar For The LGBTQ Community

Outdance.org is a free community calendar for same-sex dancers to find information about dances, classes, teachers, workshops, competitions and related events. Because this is a community site, anyone can post events, and all updates are published instantly.

This site is initially being launched for the San Francisco Bay Area but has the capability to include other geographical locations. If you'd like to see Outdance postings in your city, all you need to do is start posting events. Be sure to include the event hosts' email address where it's requested. The hosts will then receive automated reminders twice a month to keep their listings updated. That's critical so that the hosts of the event will take care of it themselves instead of relying on you to do everything for them. Feel free to link to Outdance.org from your own website, and be sure to actively tell people about this site. It can take a couple months for the site to catch on, so be patient but persistent. Once you get critical mass of folks using the site, it becomes very easy.

The intent of this site is to include events organized by or specifically geared towards same-sex/gender-neutral dancing as well as mainstream events that are inclusive of and welcoming to same-sex dancing. The moderators of this site reserve the right to edit or delete entries that are not consistent with its purpose or intentions.

This site is based on Tango Mango , a site developed by David Hundsness as his contribution to the Argentine tango community. We are grateful to David for generously sharing his code with the same-sex dance community. Outdance was developed with the support of the Bay Area Same-Sex Dance Association, a tax-exempt non-profit whose mission is the support and growth of the same-sex dance community in the San Francisco Bay Area.


About me: I'm a social and competitive dancer in the San Francisco Bay Area who has helped launch and is maintaining this site. Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or problems.

Barbara Zoloth